iPhone 4S Accessories

With every version of the iPhone that is released, consumers look for new accessories to use together with their phones. One of these accessories which can be used with the iPhone 4S is the Bumper, which is described below.


The Bumper for the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S is basically a plastic and rubber ring which will go around the phone’s edge. On the inside area, rubber is used, while the external area uses plastic. The Bumper will protect the device’s edges by wrapping them, but it offers smaller protection for the screen. The rear or the front areas of the phone are not covered but the phone is raised a bit so it doesn’t stand directly on the surface where it’s placed. That band of plastic comes with metallic buttons which can be used to wake/sleep or to control the volume of the phone. There are also six holes on it, so you have access to the headphone jack, the connector for the dock, the mute switch, microphones and the speaker. You can find these Bumpers in white, black, orange, green, pink and blue. In most cases the Bumper will work both on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4, since they have the same dimensions and design.

Other accessories

Thanks to the huge popularity of the iPhone 4, there are thousands of different types of skins and cases you can buy for your new phone. Some people might want something to protect their phone in different conditions, others might want something to enhance the design of the phone. Whatever you might need, chances are that you will find a manufacturer that already makes it. You will find luxurious accessories but you will also find cheap alternatives that do the job just as well. Some cases are made from silicone, some from soft rubber and you can even find cases made from a harder poly carbonate.

iPhone 4S Price

The biggest announcement of the year in the mobile phone market is the launch of the iPhone 4S by Apple. Even though it’s not the iPhone 5 most people were expecting, Apple still managed to sell 4 million iPhone 4S models within 3 days of the launch.

As everyone knows, the iPhone 4S is not the cheapest phone out there, but there are options to get the iPhone 4S price down, as long as you’re willing to get a contract with a carrier. The price for an iPhone 4S that is subsidized starts from $199, which is the price for a white or black iPhone 4S which has a 16GB capacity. If you’re looking for a capacity of 32GB you will have to pay $299 and if you want the iPhone 4S with the biggest capacity, the 64GB version will set you back $399. The three major carriers that will offer you this subsidized price are AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

If you don’t want a contract with one of these carriers, you have the option of buying the unlocked version, but to really take advantage of everything that the iPhone has to offer you will still need an Internet data plan, so you might as well get a phone from one of the three carriers we mentioned already.

Since the price is the same with all three carriers, if you want a cheaper iPhone 4S price, your only other option right now is to wait for people that sell their own phones, a few months from now. The price should be a bit smaller at that point, but you would get a model that was used.

While the price of the iPhone 4S has remained the same, the phone actually comes with hardware improvements, like the dual core processor or the improved camera, which can now record Full HD videos.

iPhone 4S Review

This iPhone 4S review takes a look at the latest smartphone from Apple and at what it did right. The wait for this version of the Iphone was longer than its fans were used to, but the 4S was released eventually and while many people were happy with its features, plenty of other fans were disappointed that they didn’t get more and that it’s not the iPhone 5 instead. A lot of people wanted 4G to be part of the specs offered by the iPhone 4S, others wanted a completely new design and some wanted a bigger screen to be offered on this phone. Getting a small upgrade is not something new though and it was to be expected by anyone that paid attention when the iPhone 3GS was launched. That was also a small upgrade and in general Apple seems to be launching a major version every 2 years, in order to attract the money of the customers that bought the previous major version. This way, the millions of people that will get out of their 2 year contract next year will have the iPhone 5 to buy instead. The loyal fan base that bought the iPhone 4 will be the same people that will buy the iPhone 5 next year. When you consider this fact and you look at the iPhone 4S as a strategic move from Apple, this minor upgrade makes sense.

When all things are considered, the iPhone 4S is actually a pretty decent phone and there are plenty of upgrades included to make plenty of people happy. The phone finally comes with a 64GB version, it has a better camera, it has a dual core processor and it also comes with the Siri personal assistant, which got a lot of attention from analysts and users. It’s not the perfect phone, but it’s good enough to hold us until the next iPhone is released.

iPhone 4S Conversion Kits

A lot of people are trying to modify their iPhone smartphones, in order to make them more unique. Since a lot of people purchase this phone to fit in and to have something to brag about, there are many ways that you can create a unique iPhone experience, which allows you to express yourself and your personality. While some people go overboard with accessories, cases and designs, others are trying the iPhone 4s conversion kits, trying to make their phones look totally different.

One example of a conversion kit is the type that allows you to turn a black iPhone into a white one. Many of these conversion kits can make the warranty void though, so it’s not always a good idea to try them out.

Another type of conversion kit that exists online is the type that makes an older version of the iPhone to look like a newer version, changing its design and modifying it to look different. While it will not have the same specs as a new iPhone 4S, you can still make another phone look like it, so at least you will have the same design.

The iPhone 4S conversion kits will probably start appearing soon enough and some people that will not have money to buy this new phone will probably try to emulate its look with one of these kits. It’s generally not recommended, but in the end it’s your phone, so you can do whatever type of modifications you want on it.

Conversion kits exist that can turn an Iphone 4s into something of a different color than what Apple offers officially. If you want an iPhone 4S that looks like it’s made from gold, it can be done with a conversion kit. If you want a pink Iphone, a red one or any other design, you can do that as well, with one of the available conversion kits.

iPhone 4S Jailbreak

Plenty of people would love to be able to do an iPhone 4S jailbreak. It’s been done on every single variant of iPhone released so far and people will keep doing it in the future as well. In most cases, people that do an iPhone 4S jailbreak will probably want to use another network than the one where they bought the phone. Since the phone is locked on the network for which it was bought, a jailbreak is necessary to use the phone that you paid for in any condition you want. This type of operation is usually known as unlocking for most other phones but for the iPhone it’s being referred to as a jailbreak.

Another reason why you might want to do an iPhone 4S jailbreak is to be able to install themes, tweaks or apps on your phone that Apple might not approve of. Since the iPhone is a closed system, normally you can only install apps from the official App store. With the help of a jailbreak you can install any app or game you want, even if Apple doesn’t approve of it. Since Apple is so picky when it comes to the apps you can install, there is a kind of a black market available where you can find all kinds of apps that normal iPhone users don’t have access to. All these apps are possible only if you do a jailbreak on your iPhone.

The main reason why people do a jailbreak operation on an iPhone is to be able to access other cellular networks than the original one. Since Apple negotiated with operators from around the world over the exclusivity of the iPhone 4S, if you don’t like the operator they decided to team up with, your only choice is to unlock the phone, so you can use your own favorite network with it.

iPhone 4S Siri

One of the biggest attractions of the iPhone 4S was the Siri personal assistant, an app which received a lot of attention from users and analysts. While this is not a new technology, it took the release of the dual core processor to make the constant use of such a program feasible. Since voice recognition does require a bit of computing power, the former processor available on Iphone smartphones were not capable to run it constantly. The latest one, the A5, does have sufficient power, so Siri is now available to all owners of the 4S.

Since the Apple way of doing things is so focused on the usability and less on specs and performances, Siri is actually quite representative of their way of doing things. Giving the user something that makes his life easier and making it one of the main features of a new iPhone is a nice move on their part. It’s definitely something that iPhone 4S users can show off with in front of their friends. The special thing about Siri is that you can talk with it and ask it questions and it will understand what you want and it will formulate an answer for you. By speaking to the phone you can make it do something or you can receive information that you need. The intelligent algorithm included on the iPhone 4S will understand a question and the logic behind it, so it’s able to give you an answer. One example is asking Siri if an umbrella will be needed on Friday. Siri understands from your question that you need to know what the weather will be like so it finds out for you and it gives you a reply to your question. When you think of the computing power required for something like this, you will understand why a dual core processor was needed before Siri became possible.

iPhone 4 Refurbished

The one thing that makes most people love Apple products is their design and the fact that they’re classy. The Iphone is no exception to this rule and the same goes for the iPod or the iPad. While they might not have the best specs out of all the phones, the iPhone is generally considered to be the best looking of all. The Apple designers are the true rockstars of this company and this beautiful design usually comes with a hefty price tag attached. Since not everyone has the budget necessary for a new iPhone 4, a lot of people prefer to buy it either used or refurbished, both variants which have their own disadvantages but also the advantage of being cheaper than what you can expect from a new one.

When you’re getting a refurbished phone, you’re usually getting something that will work just as well as a new model, but at a considerably smaller price, so it’s usually worth considering if you’re on a tight budget.

An iPhone 4 refurbished is actually not that bad of an idea. While most people cringe when they hear the word refurbished, they’re not that bad. While these are indeed used, as you might expect, they are just one or two months old, products which were returned by customers for one reason or another. They are usually phones with very small defects or blemishes, which are repaired by the company, they’re tested and found to work perfectly and they are sold again, with a considerable discount, but with excellent performances. The company can’t sell it for the normal price since they were used, so they offer it at a discount. There is the disadvantage that you’re also getting a limited warranty for it, but other than that you win a lot more than you lose when you get a refurbished iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Tethering

The use of smartphones as modems is not exactly new technology and there are plenty of models out there that are capable of doing this. The iPhone is not the first phone to offer this option, so it’s not something innovative or very hard to use.

The tethering process allows you to use your phone’s data plan to connect a PC or a netbook to the Internet. Its advantage is that you don’t need WiFi networks or modems to get online when you’re in remote areas. As long as your phone has access to the Internet, the same goes for your other equipment, with the help of the tethering.

Not that may people knew about it before the Iphone started offering this option, but now there are a lot of users out there that benefit from the iPhone 4 tethering. In the past, this was something that mostly corporate users used, but since the Internet costs are going down for mobile users, everyone has access to tethering, including travelers, office workers and even students.

You can make the iPhone act as a tethered modem by connecting it with Bluetooth or USB cable to a computer. The first thing you have to do is to update the software on your phone. To do that, use iTunes and use the button which checks for updates.

The next step is to go to the General settings area, then to Network and finally to Internet Tethering. Activate the tethering feature if you want to use it.

If you want to do it via USB, use a cable to do the connection between the computer and the iPhone. If you’d rather use Bluetooth, you can do that as well. It’s up to you the method you use to access the Internet connection. Once your computer is connected, you can still make phone calls or receive them, without disturbing the Internet connection.

iPhone 4 Update

The iPhone 4 update allows you to benefit from the latest version of the OS available on the phone. Whether it’s a security update, an update which fixes bugs or something that allows you to use new apps or to improve your experience with them, it’s almost always a good idea to do an update on your phone and benefit from the latest version available to you. Ideally, this update should be done with the help of the iTunes program on the computer, so that the phone doesn’t consume its battery in the process. When you do it directly from the phone it can take a lot longer and it can consume your bandwidth. Try instead to do the update from your computer if possible and you will probably find out that it’s considerably faster.

The iTunes will automatically detect if there are any available updates for the phone that is connected to the computer. If there are, you will be prompted to do the update and to download all the free updates. The update process might be just a couple of minutes long or it can take hours, depending on the size of the updates and how many there are. You will get the status of the download, so you will know how much you have to wait. If it takes a lot of time to finish the update, you can choose to abort the update or you can do just some of them.

Another thing that is recommended is to always update the apps installed on your iPhone. Some of these updates will fix bugs while others will bring more features and levels, trying to keep the interest of the user alive. The cases when apps become worse when they’re updated are rare, so in most cases you will benefit from updating your iPhone apps.

iPhone 4 Problems

Technology is rarely perfect and even products from successful companies like Apple will sometimes have issues. The iPhone 4 problems always existed, but the company worked on them and they were fixed eventually.

One thing that is a problem for many iPhone users is that this phone makes it much more likely to be mugged if it’s seen, than any other type of phone. Since it’s so popular and anyone can recognize the model of the phone, an iPhone has a good chance of being stolen if you’re being careless with the way you’re using it in public. You want to be careful with the way you present the world the fact that you have a gadget that is worth a couple hundred of dollars. It’s not something to advertise and show off when there are a lot of strangers or when you’re in a bad neighborhood.

Another iPhone 4 problem that other people encountered is the hardware issue, especially the problems with the antenna, which didn’t work properly, because it was located on the side of the phone and it would not work well when your hand was on the phone’s sides. Even though this was a $500 phone, you needed a case or a small scotch tape piece on the side of the phone, to make sure it doesn’t drop calls if you hold the phone in a certain way. It’s certainly of the bigger iPhone 4 problems that users encountered and it made a lot of waves.

Another known issue with the iPhone 4 screen is that it had problems in time with splotches, bands and yellow pixels, which appeared after some time of normal use.

While Apple is known for its design and for the user experience offered to its users, it will also release imperfect products to the world, since there is no such thing as a perfect phone.